Chevy Mylink Touch Screen Not Working

It’s startling to think that despite advanced technology, car touchscreens can become unresponsive. The Chevy MyLink, despite its cutting-edge features, may sometimes leave drivers staring at a blank or frozen screen. These moments are not only frustrating but can also affect essential functionalities like navigation and audio controls.

Historically, Chevy MyLink issues have ranged from software glitches to hardware failures. In fact, there were instances where users had to perform a system reset multiple times without respite. When the touch screen doesn’t work, solutions like checking for software updates or seeking dealership assistance become crucial. Addressing these problems efficiently can help restore the seamless experience drivers expect.

If your Chevy MyLink touch screen is not working, common solutions include restarting the system, checking for software updates, inspecting connections, and performing a factory reset. If the issue persists, consult a professional for potential hardware repairs or further diagnostics.

Common Issues with Chevy MyLink Touch Screen

Frozen Screen

One common issue with the Chevy MyLink touch screen is it freezing unexpectedly. When this happens, drivers often find that they can’t access navigation or make audio changes. According to this post, frequent freezing could indicate a need for a software update.

A frozen screen could be due to various reasons, including software glitches. Sometimes, a simple restart can temporarily solve the problem. However, if the issue persists, professional help may be required.

Unresponsive Touch

Another frequent complaint is the screen becoming completely unresponsive. This means that no matter where you tap, the screen does not react. This can be particularly frustrating when you’re trying to change settings while driving.

This unresponsiveness can stem from both hardware and software issues. One effective solution can be performing a system reset. Here is an article that explores this topic in more depth.

Screen Blackout

Screen blackout is another significant issue reported by Chevy MyLink users. This is when the touch screen goes completely black, making it impossible to use any functions. If the screen goes black, it can severely limit the system’s usability.

Sometimes the blackout is caused by loose connections within the system. However, other times, it may require a complete system check-up. According to the article, professional diagnosis is often the safest route.

Error Messages

Error messages are also a common problem with Chevy MyLink touch screens. Users may see various error codes displayed, which can be confusing. These messages can disrupt the seamless operation of the touch screen.

Error codes generally indicate underlying issues that need attention. Consulting a user’s manual can offer quick troubleshooting tips. If that doesn’t help, dealership assistance might be necessary.

Understanding Chevy MyLink System

The Chevy MyLink system is a sophisticated infotainment system designed to enhance the driving experience. It offers features like navigation, audio streaming, and hands-free calling. These functionalities make driving more enjoyable and convenient.

Key Features of Chevy MyLink

Chevy MyLink integrates various apps to keep drivers connected. The system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing users to mirror their smartphones. This feature enables easy access to maps, music, and messages from the touch screen.

It also includes voice recognition, which lets drivers control the system without taking their hands off the steering wheel. This is particularly useful for navigating and making phone calls. The intuitive design ensures drivers can focus on the road.

Bluetooth connectivity is another major feature. It allows seamless integration with most smartphones. This results in a clutter-free and enjoyable driving experience.

Touch Screen Functionality

The touch screen in Chevy MyLink is central to its operation. Users can navigate through menus and access various features effortlessly. It offers a user-friendly interface, which minimizes distractions while driving.

The screen responds to simple gestures like taps and swipes. This similarity to smartphone interfaces makes it easy to use for most people. According to this post, the touch screen’s responsiveness is crucial for a smooth experience.

For more efficient use, the screen is positioned within easy reach. This layout helps drivers and passengers interact with the system without much effort. Proper placement is key for usability and safety.

Software and Hardware Components

Chevy MyLink combines both software and hardware components. The hardware includes the touch screen, control buttons, and connectivity ports. These components work together to offer a seamless user experience.

On the software side, regular updates are essential for optimal performance. These updates can fix bugs and introduce new features. Keeping the system updated ensures it runs smoothly.

In some cases, issues might arise due to hardware malfunctions. When that happens, seeking professional help is advisable. Regular maintenance can prevent many of these problems, keeping the system in top shape.

Factors Contributing to Touch Screen Not Working

Several factors can cause the Chevy MyLink touch screen to stop working. One major reason is software glitches that interfere with screen responsiveness. Regular updates usually fix these glitches, but lapses can lead to persistent issues.

Hardware failures can also be a significant contributor. If the screen itself is damaged, it may not respond to touch. Sometimes, internal components may malfunction and require professional repair.

Environmental factors like extreme temperatures can impact touch screen functionality. Very high or very low temperatures can cause the screen to act erratically. It’s essential to keep the vehicle in a moderate climate whenever possible.

User handling is another important aspect. Excessive force or repeated tapping can damage the screen over time. Proper usage can help maintain its responsiveness and longevity.

Chevy Mylink Touch Screen Not Working? [Here is the Troubleshooting Issues]


If you’re dealing with an unresponsive Chevy MyLink touch screen, restarting the system should be your first step. A simple restart can refresh the system and restore functionality. If that doesn’t work, try performing a hard reset by turning off the vehicle for a few minutes.

Updating the software is another effective troubleshooting method. Ensuring your system has the latest updates can fix many bugs. You can usually find update instructions in the vehicle’s user manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Checking for loose connections can also resolve issues. Sometimes, the touch screen problems stem from a faulty connection within the system. Make sure all cables and connections are secure.

If the screen remains unresponsive, consider calibration. Some screens require recalibration to function correctly. This process can often be done through the system settings menu.

Hardware issues may demand professional assistance. If none of the above methods work, it might be time to consult a dealership or authorized service center. Proper diagnosis and repair can address deeper issues that simple fixes can’t solve.

Using these troubleshooting steps can save you time and prevent further frustration. Regular maintenance and updates keep the Chevy MyLink system running efficiently. Being proactive can help you avoid recurring touch screen problems.

Preventive Measures for Chevy MyLink Touch Screen Problems

Regularly updating the Chevy MyLink software can prevent many touch screen issues. Keeping the system updated ensures it runs smoothly and efficiently. Updates often include bug fixes and new features.

Handle the touch screen with care to avoid physical damage. Avoid using excessive force when tapping or swiping. Proper usage helps maintain the screen’s responsiveness and durability.

Maintaining a moderate climate within the vehicle is essential. Extreme temperatures can affect the touch screen’s performance. Try to park your car in shaded or covered areas to avoid exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Periodic system checks can identify potential problems early. These checks can be done during regular vehicle maintenance. Addressing issues early prevents them from worsening over time.

Keeping the screen clean also contributes to its efficiency. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off any dust or fingerprints. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could damage the screen.

Following these preventive measures can help you avoid recurring touch screen problems. A little proactive care goes a long way in keeping your Chevy MyLink system functioning well. Regular maintenance and cautious handling are key to a trouble-free experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Restarting the system can often fix touch screen issues.
  • Checking for software updates is essential to resolve bugs.
  • Inspect all connections to ensure they are secure.
  • A factory reset might be needed if issues persist.
  • Consult a professional for hardware-related problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common questions about the Chevy MyLink system and its touch screen functionality. The aim is to help you understand and resolve various issues you might encounter.

Why does my Chevy MyLink screen freeze often?

The freezing of the Chevy MyLink screen can be attributed to software glitches. These glitches interfere with the smooth functioning of the touch screen, causing it to freeze. Restarting the system or performing a software update often fixes this issue.

Persistent freezing might indicate deeper problems that need expert attention. It’s recommended to consult your dealership or a professional technician for an in-depth diagnosis.

How do I reset my Chevy MyLink touch screen?

Resetting your Chevy MyLink touch screen can solve many minor issues. You can perform a soft reset by turning off your vehicle for a few minutes and then restarting it. This simple method can refresh your system and restore its functionality.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to perform a factory reset through system settings. A factory reset will revert the system to its original state, erasing any custom settings but resolving more persistent problems.

What are common signs of hardware issues in Chevy MyLink?

Common signs of hardware issues include an unresponsive or completely black touch screen. If neither restarting nor updating resolves the problem, hardware failure could be the culprit.

Issues like loose connections or internal component failures may require professional repair services. Always consider seeking expert help when encountering hardware problems.

Is regular maintenance necessary for my Chevy MyLink system?

Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your Chevy MyLink system in top shape. This includes regular software updates, checking connections, and cleaning the touch screen.

Frequent maintenance helps prevent common issues such as freezing or unresponsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience over time.

Can extreme temperatures affect my Chevy MyLink touch screen?

Yes, extreme temperatures can significantly impact how well your touch screen functions. High or low temperatures can cause erratic behavior in the touch sensors, making them less responsive.

Avoid exposing your car to extreme climates whenever possible to maintain optimal performance of the infotainment system’s display features.


Understanding and addressing Chevy MyLink touch screen issues can greatly enhance your driving experience. By following preventive measures and knowing how to troubleshoot common problems, you can maintain optimal performance. Regular updates and proper handling go a long way in preventing disruptions.

When issues arise, utilizing the appropriate steps can resolve most problems efficiently. For more persistent or complex issues, seeking professional assistance is advisable. Keeping your system in good shape ensures seamless, uninterrupted use of your Chevy MyLink features.

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