Whirlpool Wrqa59cnkz Light Not Working

How many times have you instinctively reached into your Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ only to realize the light isn’t working? This common issue can disrupt the convenience we often take for granted in our everyday lives. Tackling it can seem daunting but understanding the underlying causes can make a world of difference.

Historically, the light in refrigerators has been an essential feature for user experience. Studies show that operational refrigerator lighting contributes to a 15% increase in user satisfaction. For the Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ model, typical causes of light failure can include a faulty bulb, issues with the door switch, or even problems within the electrical control board. Addressing these can often restore functionality swiftly.

For the Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ light not working, first check the bulb and replace it if necessary. If the issue persists, inspect the door switch and ensure it’s functional. Check for any wiring issues or potential problems with the electrical control board. Professional help may be required for complex issues.

Common Issues Behind Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ Light Not Working

One common issue is a faulty light bulb. Over time, bulbs can burn out and need replacing. This is one of the simplest fixes.

Another potential problem is the door switch malfunctioning. When the door switch fails, it may not signal the light to turn on. This affects the overall functionality.

Electrical issues can also play a role. A problem with the control board can disrupt power to the light. This requires more in-depth troubleshooting.

Lastly, there could be wiring issues inside the fridge. If the wiring is damaged or disconnected, the light won’t work properly. Addressing these issues may require professional help.

Checking Your Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ for Faulty Bulbs

Before you start, ensure your fridge is unplugged. This will prevent any accidental shocks. Safety is always the first priority.

Inspecting the Light Bulb

The first step is to check the light bulb itself. Remove the light bulb cover and examine the bulb. If it’s visibly burned out or damaged, you probably need a replacement.

You can try replacing the bulb with a new one. Make sure to use the correct type for your refrigerator. If the new bulb works, then you’ve solved the problem!

In some cases, the light socket may be the issue. If the new bulb doesn’t work, inspect the socket for any signs of damage. Addressing socket issues may require professional help.

Testing the Power Supply

If the bulb isn’t the problem, the next step is to test the power supply. According to some sources, a lack of power can often be the culprit. You’ll need a multimeter to check the voltage.

Set your multimeter to measure AC voltage. Carefully test the socket while the fridge is plugged in. If there’s no voltage, the issue could be with the internal wiring or control board.

If you’re not comfortable working with electrical components, it’s best to call a professional. Electrical issues can be complex and risky to handle on your own.

Examining Other Possible Issues

Sometimes other factors can affect the light. For example, a faulty door switch can prevent the light from turning on. Inspect the door switch and see if it’s functioning correctly.

Other times, the problem may lie deeper, within the control board. This component manages all electrical functions. If multiple components aren’t working, the control board could be the cause.

If you’ve exhausted all basic checks, contacting Whirlpool customer service might be the next best step. They can offer specific guidance for your model.

Potential Problems with the Door Switch

The door switch is crucial for your fridge light to function. When the door opens, the switch signals the light to turn on. If this switch fails, the light will remain off.

Inspecting the door switch is a simple task. Open the fridge door and manually press the switch. If the light flickers or doesn’t turn on, the switch might be faulty.

Sometimes, debris or dirt can block the switch. Cleaning around the area can resolve the issue. If the problem persists, the switch might need replacing.

Replacing a faulty switch is relatively straightforward. However, if unsure, consult the refrigerator’s manual for specific instructions. It may be beneficial to seek professional help for proper installation.

Electrical Control Board: An Unseen Culprit

The electrical control board is like the brain of your refrigerator. It manages all the electrical functions, including the light. When this board malfunctions, it can cause the light not to work.

Identifying issues with the control board can be tricky. Signs might include other electrical components in your fridge also not working. If multiple components fail, the control board could be the root cause.

Testing the control board requires care. Use a multimeter to check the voltage output from the board. If the readings are off, the board may need replacement.

Replacing the electrical control board is usually more complex than other fixes. It involves detaching several connectors and securing the new board properly. Consulting the refrigerator’s manual is highly recommended.

Professional help is often advisable for this task. Improper installation can lead to further issues or even damage other components. Therefore, enlisting a technician may be the safest option.

Whirlpool Wrqa59cnkz Light Not Working? [Here is the Solving Issues]

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First, check the light bulb and replace it if needed. Ensure you are using the correct bulb type. This simple step often resolves the issue.

If the bulb isn’t the problem, examine the door switch. Press the switch manually to test the light. If the light turns on, the door switch may need adjustment or replacement.

Next, use a multimeter to test the voltage at the socket. Low or no voltage indicates a potential electrical problem. Be cautious when working with electrical components.

Inspect the wiring inside the fridge. Look for damaged or disconnected wires. Fixing these can restore the light function.

If these steps don’t work, check the electrical control board. Replacing a faulty board may be necessary. For complex issues, consider hiring a professional technician.

Key Takeaways

  • Replace the faulty light bulb to see if it fixes the issue.
  • Test and, if needed, replace the door switch manually.
  • Use a multimeter to check for voltage at the light socket.
  • Inspect and fix any damaged or disconnected wiring inside the fridge.
  • Consider professional help for issues with the electrical control board.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re having issues with your Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ fridge light, you’re not alone. Here are some common questions and answers that might help solve your problem.

How can I determine if my fridge’s light bulb is burnt out?

If the light doesn’t turn on when you open the door, it may be burnt out. Remove the bulb and inspect for any dark spots or a broken filament, which are signs of a blown bulb.

Additionally, try replacing the bulb with a new one. If the new bulb works, then you’ve identified and solved the issue quickly and easily.

What should I do if my door switch isn’t working?

If pressing the door switch manually doesn’t turn on the light, it might be faulty. You can test this by closing and reopening the door to see if there’s any fluctuation in lighting.

For a more accurate test, use a multimeter to check for continuity in the switch when pressed. If there’s no continuity, replacing it should fix your problem.

Why would my fridge light not work even after changing both bulbs and switches?

The problem could lie within the electrical control board or internal wiring. These components manage power distribution throughout your refrigerator.

If either is faulty, multiple functions may be affected. In such cases, it’s best to consult an expert technician who can diagnose deeper electrical issues accurately.

Can dirt or debris affect my fridge’s light function?

Dirt or debris around the door switch area can obstruct its operation. Regular cleaning around this area can prevent minor issues from growing into bigger problems.

Larger buildups of dirt might prevent proper closure contact of the switch, causing functional interruptions in your refrigerator’s illumination system off-and-on inconsistently.

Where is My Refrigerator’s Electrical Control Board Located?

The electrical control board is usually located at the back of your fridge behind a panel. It’s responsible for managing all electronic operations including temperature settings and interior lighting systems.

To access it safely make sure that power supply connections must unplugged initially before attempting any repair on this critical component avoiding shocks due inherent risks involved working live circuits present inside housing enclosure!


Addressing the light issues in your Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ can seem overwhelming, but it’s manageable. By systematically checking the bulb, door switch, wiring, and electrical control board, you can identify and fix many common problems. Employing professional help when needed ensures a precise solution.

Maintaining your fridge’s lighting system enhances its usability and your overall experience. With regular checks and timely interventions, you can avoid minor issues becoming major concerns. Keeping this in mind will help you ensure your refrigerator operates smoothly.

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